What was I doing in Birmingham? (the answer is in the title to this entry) Getting to Birmingham was the hard part, the only day I could go was Sunday and I was going to have to travel from the south east coast to get there. After a initial logistical problems Chris and I had a plan in place and set it into faltering action. Faltering mostly due to the trains on Sundays I made the train portion in about the same time it takes to drive from just under London to Birmingham (the second portion of the journey). Anyway we got there, we found it found our way in and made our way round.

What I like most about comic conventions is that for the price of a trade paperback the artist or writer is compelled to talk to you until hew can find a way of politely ending the conversation. Itís brilliant, I got to quiz Sean Phillips for about 10 minuets when I purchased the last copy of the very good Criminal: Coward collection. Sean Phillips is an artist I have a great deal of respect for and I believe his painted work to be some of the strongest in comics.

I also spoke to PJ Holden over on the 2000ad table as well as Dave Evans and his budding artist son (I assume it was his son, there wasnít a big sticker on him or anything.
Dave Evans, better known as Bolt-01 is probably the most respected and prolific publisher/editor in the small press and with good reason. He knows hoe to put together a comic and I think fairly soon his guiding editorial hand will be sending the next generation of UK creators into 2000ad and across the Atlantic.

Apart from Criminal all my purchases were UK small press titles. Although my funds are limited I do like to pick up a few small press items at all the shows. This time I got myself a copy of Dogbreath, Stack and Violent and read them all on the long journey home. After a hesitant start I think I like the convention scene, itís good to meet both people you (internet) know and work with as well as the artist and writers producing the best comics around at the moment.